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Thank you for your interest in Tech4Change and your desire to receive support.  The information offered below provides some history about Tech4Change, outlines the guidelines for becoming a beneficiary, including the selection process and charity submission form.

Thank you again for your interest in Tech4Change.

To get started, please review the following information:

–About Tech4Change

–Guidelines for becoming a beneficiary

–Application process

–Charity application

About Tech4Change

Tech4Change is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization composed of technology suppliers and channel partners who dedicate time and resources to aid grassroots charities, not affiliated with any religious or political organizations, across the U.S. Since our inception in 2014, Tech4Change has raised more than $1.25 million for local grassroots charities, that are often overlooked and underfunded. We are proud of providing game-changing philanthropic support to these grassroots organizations.

Contribution Guidelines

The following represents Tech4Change general guidelines for providing financial assistance. These guidelines are by no means comprehensive and are applied to other factors of a subjective nature. The fact that a particular program may not specifically be dealt with in the guidelines should not be taken as an indication that we will not support it.

Tech4Change currently provides funding to organizations affiliated with various channel events. Based on limited resources, our action upon a particular request will usually depend on the answers to the type of questions below:

–Is it related to a grassroots charity, not affiliated with any religious or political organization?

–Is there a genuine financial need, which is unlikely to be satisfied by other sources?

–Will the contribution be an effective and efficient use of our resources?

–Is there a special service, opportunity or achievement involved?

–How will the contribution benefit the community?

–Is technology a part of the program?

– What is the need? In most cases, we would prefer that our contributions supplement funds raised from other sources, and not be relied upon as primary support. We are, as a rule, interested in information regarding what additional fundraising efforts have been undertaken and what other sources of assistance have been explored.

Application Process

Applications for contributions must be submitted via the Tech4Change website online submission form at Tech4Change.org due 30 days prior to the event.

We require the submission form to be accompanied by a cover letter with the information requested below. It is particularly useful and will assist us in acting upon the request if supplemental information is provided. Absence of information may result in a deferral of our consideration of any application.

To be eligible, a charity must hold a 501(c)(3) non-profit status in the city in which one of our channel events is taking place. Tech4Change reserves the right to accept or reject any application and to approve or disapprove any proposal for funding.

Tech4Change also reserves the right to change the application criteria at any time.

The grant amounts vary, depending on revenue received from events, various conferences, individuals, and company donations.

With respect to applications we approve, we ask that in exchange for our support:

–Funds provided by Tech4Change be used only for the purpose specified in the application.

–Within a year from receiving the funds, the beneficiary must provide Tech4Change a letter or email describing the results and/or photos of the activities or program, an accounting in reasonable detail of the use of the grant.

Failure by an applicant to comply with these requirements will make it likely that future requests will not be honored.

Tech4Change Charity Application

Charity Organization Information

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      Charity Contact Information

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      Each request for financial assistance is individually considered. While we would very much like to honor all requests, we regret that we are unable to do so. No applicant should interpret our inability to act favorably on a request as a failure to appreciate or recognize the value or level of effort, dedication or achievement involved with the activity or program described in the request. Thank you for your submission to Tech4Change.